Luxury, whether in terms of real estate or automobiles, is about attention to detail. World famous photographer Juluis Shulman has often asked me, “What is luxury?” He referenced the consistency and the taste of a bottle of Coca-Cola as the simplest example. Another example of luxury is the Rolls Royce Dawn convertible. Recently, “The Ridgewood House” hosted the launch party for the luxury car. The event was a huge success and the guests were all intrigued by the craftsmanship of the car.

Case Study House No. 22 by Julius Shulman

I believe that Rolls Royce defined perfection with this vehicle. Dawn’s alluring presence is unmistakable, striking, and sophisticated and offers the “most uncompromised, open-top motoring experience in the world.” The attention to every detail and aspect of the car is how Rolls Royce creates luxury for its clients. The name “Dawn” represents the fresh opportunities that every day presents.